November 09, 2011


Lapis Lazuli is one of the first gemstones that was ever worked on and worn as adornment. Wearing a piece with lapis is continuing an old tradition of adoration for this dreamy deep blue rock that sparkles with golden pyrite like the twinkling of the stars.
- A lapis lazuli dove dated 1200 BC from Susa, Iran.
- Solid gold bracelets set with lapis lazuli bearing the cartouches of Ramses II. The lapis forms the central body of a goose, which has two heads and a tail worked in gold. Found in 1906 in the Nile Delta, the bracelets were probably a gift from the king to a favored courtier.
- A gold bracelet with lapis lazuli ram head terminals from 18th century AD Europe.
- Ring with wedjat bezel, Egyptian 21st Dynasty.